Research Notes

‘Bucking the trend’: What enables those who are disadvantaged in childhood to succeed later in life? 

Jo Blanden   

Department for Work and Pensions Working Paper No 31


Children and young people’s access to books and attitudes towards reading

Christina Clark, Jane Woodley and Fiona Lewis  

National Literacy Trust 2011


Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Fathers' Influence Over Children's Education   

15 December 2010


Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Maternal and Infant Health in the Perinatal Period: The Father's Role 

13th April 2008


Fatherhood Institue Research Summary: Anti-social Behaviour and Fatherhood 

7th October 2007


Is Pacifier use a Risk Factor for Acute Otitis Media? 

A dynamic cohort study Rovers MM, Numans ME, Langenbach E, et al.   Family Practice 2008; Jun 17


Literacy: State of the Nation: A picture of literacy in the UK today  

Deeqa Jama and George Dugdale  

National Literacy Trust  

Last updated 10 January 2012


NCT Research overview: Parent-child communication is important from birth

Dr Cathy Hamer, 

Perspective - NCT’s journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood  March 2012


Parenting behaviours and children’s development from infancy to early childhood: changes, continuities and contributions,

Leslie Morrison Gutman and Leon Feinstein

Early Child Development and Care HYPERLINK ""180(4): 535-556, May 2010


Parenting Infants and Toddlers Today, research findings based on a survey among parents of children ages birth to three years old, conducted on behalf of Zero To Three by Hart Research Associates

November 2009


Television and Language Development in the Early Years:  A review of the  literature    

 Dr Robin Close  Independent researcher on behalf of National Literacy Trust   

March 2004


The Bercow Report. A Review of Services for Children and Young People (0–19) with Speech, Language and Communication Needs 

Bercow J

(2008) .



The Cost to the Nation of Children’s Poor Communication Skills  

Mary Hartshorne  




Skills for work, Skills for life  

Wendy Lee




Why Fathers Matter to Their Children’s Literacy 

Christina Clark 

National Literacy Trust 

June 2009


Speech, language and communication needs  Tools for commissioning better outcomes: introduction

Commissioning Support Programme

UK Council for Employment and Skills