Dr Max Pemberton

Doctor, journalist & author

"Good communication skills is one of the greatest gifts that any parent can give to their child and TalkingTipsForKids is a brilliant resource for helping parents achieve this. 
With her sensible, no nonsense approach, Fiona Barry gives evidence-based advice, tips and guidance. As she is a trained Speech and Language therapist, it's like having an expert to hand whenever you want. She helps dispel myths about children's speech and language development and removes the anxiety and worry that many parents feel about their children's language development. 

I recommend this to every parent. It shows that helping your child with their communication skills can be easy, rewarding and best of all, fun."

Dr Max Pemberton is a columnist for The Daily Telegraph, writing weekly on news events concerning culture, social and ethical issues, the politics of health care and the NHS. He is also a columnist for Reader’s Digest and a regular contributor to the Mail On Sunday.



Reviews on iTunes for the TalkingTipsForKids App

A+ *****
by Ed Blundell
Brilliant, why has it taken so long for someone to do this. I highly recommend it to anyone with children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews.......
Grandparents Video *****
by Ankle biters
Brilliant video for helping grandparents communicate with their kids. I recommend all videos in this series across the age ranges. Wonderful communication tool.
Fantastic *****
by Monkeybean16
Amazing videos. So helpful, thank you for setting this up and sharing it, your are fantastic at what you do. Such great tips