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In December 2013 I was commissioned to write an article for The Telegraph online education section about stammering in schools and what teachers can do to help stammering pupils. It created much interest and the article was retweeted by, amongst others, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls MP.

Since then I have been writing regularly for The Telegraph and I have compiled the articles below.

Good communication skills are essential in order for children to achieve at school and it's vital that parents play a part in developing these, says Fiona Barry

October 2014

One month into the new school year, Fiona Barry says it's natural to compare your child's level with others but if there is cause for concern, talking can be hugely beneficial

October 2014

The reforms are the largest overhaul of SEN services in the last 30 years, says Fiona Barry, but what do these changes entail?

September 2014

The summer before a child starts school can be an anxious time for parents, but this is your opportunity to try out simple activities to make sure they're ready, says Fiona Barry

July 2014

Children often seem to 'zone out', but awareness of 'inattentional deafness' may lend some patience to the familiar cry of 'why won’t you listen to me?' says Fiona Barry

June 2014

One million children in the UK have speech, language and communication needs, for these children, early intervention is vital, says Fiona Barry.

May 2014
Lay The Foundations For School Readiness

Education policy should take into account the link between secure attachments in early years and the effect on a child’s education, says Fiona Barry.

April 2014
Uncertain Future For Children With SLI

Fiona Barry explores how Michael Gove's ideas could impact children with Specific Language Impairment which affects around 3 per cent of children at school starting age.

March 2014
National Storytelling Week: The Art Of Telling A Tale

Narrative skills in children, the ability to sequence ideas together correctly to tell a story, are essential for academic success, says Fiona Barry.

January 2014
Talking The Talk In A Global Economy

A recent report warned that we are risking the economic health of the country by not teaching second languages effectively enough; we need to tap into the linguistic richness of today’s pupils, says Fiona Barry.

January 2014
The Ins & Outs Of Stammering  At School

There are certain things that teachers can do to help stammerers simply by changing external factors which can ease the internal struggle, says Fiona Barry.

December 2013