Dads - (In the womb–5 years)


17:07 minutes

Dads are vital to the development of their child's talking and listening skills. This film is for all male carers out there - dads, uncles, friends - find out how you can boost your child's talking talents right from the early days and into the future.

This video covers from newborns and babbling babies right through to pre-school and school age children who can use words and sentences.

The video is divided into 3 main sections.

Tune In

It’s important to see things from your child’s point of view when chatting and playing. Find out how watching and waiting helps you to let your child take the lead in playing and talking – making your interaction fun and engaging for both of you.

Speak Up

Once you’re following your child’s lead in play it’s time for you to add some language in! This is how your child will learn to understand and use new words and sentences. Discover simple tips on how small changes in the way you talk can make big differences to the way your child talks.

Try Out

This part gives dads practical ideas and activities to try with their child that will really boost talking and listening skills. You’ll learn how to use books in ‘Love Books, Love Learning’ and songs in ‘Songs for Today, Words for Life’ in a way that is specifically aimed at each stage of your child's language development.