Talented Talk - (Approx 3–5 years)


18:11 minutes

Ready to thrive at school.

Approximately 3 to 5 years old.

The fantastic stage where your child is talking in sentences and is sounding more like an adult each day – learn ways to bring on their talking, listening and understanding of language so they’re ready to thrive at school. 

The video is divided into 3 main sections.

Tune In

It's important that the way you chat and play with your child is fun and motivating for them. Find out how watching and waiting helps you to do this by letting them take the lead during play and conversations.

Speak Up

Once you’re following your child’s lead it’s time for you to add some language in! This is how your child will learn to understand and use new words, concepts and sentence structures. Discover simple tips on how small changes in the way you talk can make big differences to the way your child talks.

Try Out

This part gives parents practical ideas and activities to try with their child that will really boost talking and listening skills. You’ll learn how to use books in ‘Love Books, Love Learning’ and songs in ‘Songs for Today, Words for Life’ in a way that is specifically aimed at your child’s stage of language development. 

You’ll then find 3 further games to play - a ‘Listening Activity’, an ‘Understanding Language Activity’ and a ‘Talking Activity’ – all of which are the types of therapy games that speech and language therapists would use to boost a child's communication skills.